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Christian Services

We offer a variety of services to meet your needs to help with healing while connecting to your faith


Wedding Ceremonies

Nydria is availble to officiate any wedding ceremony for a couple that has participated in premarital counseling with Revitalized Hope and Healing.
Fee: Donations are accepted for Officiating the Wedding Ceremony.

*Packages Available for Premarital Counseling if a Wedding Ceremony is booked.

Premarital Counseling

This package is for the Couple who is committed to preparing themselves and their couple relationship for a successful marriage. This is a program-based form of counseling that is strict and structured, role-play and homework assignments are required. Christian based premarital counseling, six sessions must be attended to successfully complete counseling prior to marriage. This form of counseling is recommended for any couple who is planning to get married whether in the near future or far. It is definitely recommended engaged couples and couples who are actively planning weddings. 
*Wedding Ceremony will not be confirmed unless all sessions are attended and successfully completed.

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