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Our Focus


The practice serves diverse populations teens, young adults, adults, small business/corporations, and schools. We believe that people have been suffering in silence, they have lost hope and found themselves in a space where they feel like they cannot move forward. Our approach in working with clients who have experienced trauma is to explore what happened, how it's affected the individual, reestablish hope, safety and a sense of security. Ultimately, this helps the individual gain an understanding of how the trauma has affected them, develop coping skills and an overall sense of self-awareness.

Our goal is to help individuals conquer the beast that may have been haunting them from childhood, so we can begin to look towards peace from our past and heal. 

Nydria has a style that is relaxed, free flowing, natural, and God-fearing. The first step is to build a relationship, rapport, and trust. So often, individuals arrive and have never been able to trust anyone. You are in control. Often in history there was never a sense of control, this is the time where you get to navigate the story and plan your goals. You will be transformed with an understanding of how past experiences help to cause the diagnosis and symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disorders and the inability to maintain healthy relationships.


During your experience you will be held accountable, called on your stuff, but in a nurturing, caring way. As you may arrive hopeless and confused you leave full of hope and healed.

“Peace with your past. Purpose in your present. Hope revitalized for your future.”

Meet The Founder/CEO

ReHope Coach Williams 

ReHope Coach Williams grew up in the City of Philadelphia. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in General Management and Human Resources and minor in Entrepreneurship in 2000. Later, she shifted gears and decided to pursue a career in Psychology and put years of free advice giving to good clinical use. ReHope Coach Williams went on to pursue two master’s degree’s one in Community Counseling Psychology from Springfield College in 2004 and Clinical Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in 2010.

She has been working in the field of Psychology/Mental Health for the last 18 years in various positions, inpatient/outpatient, school based, EAP, Clinical Supervision, home and community-based treatment, helping others in need discover ways to cope and begin to believe in themselves again.

The strong sense of leadership, empowerment and entrepreneurship never died and always resurfaced throughout the years in different small business ventures. ReHope Coach Williams studied and trained under and the likes of Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Andy Henriquez, Delatorro McNeal, Dr. Traci Lynn, and Coach Tonya Kerry, all dynamic Motivational coaches, and speakers. She is a Motivational speaker, Best Selling Author, Healing and Transformational Coach and Podcaster. She was a keynote speaker at the "Comeback Champion Summit 2021". ReHope Coach Williams' most recent self-published work is entitled: Manifest Believe Receive Journal and Workbook which is a best seller. She has also been apart of an anthology Radical Woman: 1 in a Million which has become a domestic and International best seller. ReHope Coach Williams' recently published The Devotional Journal for Black Couples that can be purchased now on Amazon. 

My Passions

Woman of Faith • Healing and Transformational Coach • Motivational Speaker
• Best Selling Author • CEO/Founder



ReHope Coach loves the Lord, serving, learning, and helping others. In 2018, Nydria was ordained and licensed as a Reverend. She believes God has called her to help the people move from being unstuck to successful in everything. We don't ask for the circumstances we are dealt with in some instances, some times we need a little help to get through.


When ReHope Coach is not coaching, speaking or hosting the podcast Hope After Storms, she loves spending time with her husband, two teenage boys, and their Old English Bulldog.


As a Healing and Transformational Coach, ReHope Coach provides counseling, coaching/consulting services, her mission is to make sure folks can have it all and can be all that they are called to be. You will be healed, no more setbacks. It is time to move forward. There is Hope After Storms.

On the Phone


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